Peer Certification

Build the skills you need for a strong career path

By participating in the Arkansas Peer Recovery Specialist certification program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to effectively support individuals in recovery. Earning certification will also increase your job opportunities and salary potential.

Peer Specialists in Training (PITs) learn a range of skills and knowledge during the certification process.

Understanding addiction and recovery
PITs learn about the science of addiction and the various pathways to recovery.

Effective communication
Being able to communicate in an empathetic, non-judgmental, and supportive way is crucial for Peer Specialists. PITs learn how to build rapport with their peers, listen actively, and ask effective questions.

Strategies for relapse prevention
Recovery is a journey and relapse can happen. PITs learn strategies to help prevent or manage relapse.

Peer Specialists need to take care of themselves, physically, and mentally. PITs learn self-care techniques to help them stay healthy and balanced.

PITs learn about ethical considerations  through their work, including boundaries and confidentiality.

“Peer support helped me find my voice and taught me how to pursue my passions. I have learned how to advocate for myself and for change in a broken system.” 
– Ashley LaHue

Why Become a Peer?
Professional peer support helps others, strengthens your recovery, and gives you a career path.

How to Get Certified
Certification involves classroom-based education as well as on-the-job training and mentorship.

Apply for the Program
If you’re excited and eligible, start working on your application.